Why should I hire you instead of using a website builder like Squarespace?

Drag-and-drop website builders are good if you’re on a very low budget and you need something basic. However, websites like Squarespace only allow you to choose from a small handful of premade templates with minimal customization. If you are really serious about getting your business off the ground you need a professionally developed that is branded specifically around your company.

How long does it take for a website to be designed and developed?

We strive to get your website live in 4 weeks. To be honest, 99% of any missed deadlines are because our clients have not been ready to provide content for the website. We have started websites where our clients have had all their images and copy ready and had a new website for them in just over a week. On the other end, we’ve had projects where most of the time has been spent waiting for content from our clients and it has taken 6+ weeks. It all comes down to content preparedness.

Where do you host your websites?

We do not personally host our websites. Instead, we trust Bluehost to handle the hosting. They are voted one of the top hosting companies in the world for a fraction of the cost compared to their competitors. The best part? Website hosting with Bluehost starts at just under $4 a month.

Are there other costs not included in the quote?

Our quote covers all of our taxes and fees, however it does not include the cost of hosting your website. Website hosting is a service that is handled through a company such as Bluehost, GoDaddy, Kahuna Host, or Siteground. If you already have a hosting account with a company, we can be sure to get your newly designed website onto the server. Starting fresh with no hosting account? Not a problem! We’ll walk you through the steps.

Will you help make updates after the website is launched?

Absolutely! For one-time fixes we bill hourly and will provide you with an estimate before starting. If you expect regular updates and want to make sure that all plugins and frameworks are up-to-date to prevent malicious attacks, we offer monthly website maintenance.

A whole team of web specialists

Our developers, designers, copywriters, and content strategists work remotely from all around the United States